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Frequently Asked Questions


How are the Rentals calculated?

Rentals are calculated on a per day basis. You are only charged for your travel dates. We understand that you need to pack earlier, so we deliver at least 1-2 days prior to your actual travel date. And don’t worry; we don’t charge extra for the prior delivery. Also, the pick-up is 1 day after you're your return*. You only pay for your travel dates.

What is the ‘Rent More, Pay Less’ policy?

‘Rent More, Pay Less’ policy has been created with a view to increasing affordability & satisfaction of our customers. Renting for more than 4 days will make you eligible for a discounted price. We apply discounts to regular rates when your travel is more than 4 days.

Where does SharePal operate?

Currently, our ‘Trekking Gear Rental' services are available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. If you do not belong to any of these cities and want to rent trekking gear for a Himalayan Trek, then you can avail our services from Delhi as Outstation Customers. Delivery & Pick-up points are available across Delhi.

Is the security deposit charged for the rented products?

Yes, we do charge a security deposit. The deposit is fully refundable upon the return of rented products, subject to our damages policy.

How will my security deposit be refunded back?

After the rented gears are picked-up from your home, a quality check is performed on the gears. After its completion, the deposit is refunded back to your account within 72 hours. 

If there is no physical damage to the products, we fully refund your deposit!

How do the Delivery and Pick-Up work?

The delivery and pick-up are done by us so that it is hassle-free for you. Just sit back & relax, we do the delivery & pick-up. Our services are available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi (excluding some outer areas).

What are the Delivery and Pick-Up Charges?

We like to keep it very affordable for our customers so we only partially share the delivery/ pick-up charges with them. This benefits the customer and also helps us in providing our services to you. For details, refer to the following link - http://www.sharepal.in/delivery-information

For most deliveries, it is Rs 150/Order (both Delivery & Pick-up). In some cases, it is reduced, if you take multiple deliveries at a 1 single place.