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Himalayan Trek Package (ESSENTIAL)

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Rentals starting from ₹3,399.00

This Package includes 3 Essential gears -

  1. Trek 100 Trekking Shoes (Full Waterproof)

  2. Warm & Waterproof Jacket (3 Options Available)

  3. Trekking Pole

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1. Trek 100 Trekking Shoes - Fully waterproof, high ankle support, cross-contact sole for a firm grip. Trekkers absolutely love this! Recommended for all Himalayan Treks.

2. Warm & Waterproof Jacket - All the jackets in the package comes with 3 features - Warm, Waterproof & Windproof. Choose any jacket, they are warm up to -5°C and waterproof.

3. Trekking Pole - Strong & sturdy, an underrated gear but a very useful one

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