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Damage Policy - General Guidelines

We know usage will cause some wear & tear to the products. So we do not consider normal wear & tear as damage. But damages like visible cuts, burns, holes, broken hooks, broken zips etc are considered as damage. Also, extreme stains on Jackets, Shoes & Backpacks which cannot be removed are also considered as damage. This list is only indicative and not comprehensive. There can be other types of damages apart from this. Please refer to this as general guidelines only.

And we know that you already know that you should take good care of yourselves and the products!!

Deposit Deduction - General Guidelines

If there happens to be some damage to the product, there might be some deduction to your Refundable Deposit. The amount of money to be deducted differs from case to case. We hate doing this but it has to be done to cover our losses and we have tried to be as fair as possible.

Broadly there are 3 types of damages, which result in a deduction of deposit amount.

1. Repairable Damage

2. Irreparable Damage

3. Damage covered in warranty/guarantee

4. Complete loss or theft of the product.

1. Repairable Damage :

It's damage to the product which can somehow be repaired and make the product functionally well again. This generally includes broken buckle or hooks, broken zips of Jacket, backpack, luggage bags etc. Also, extreme stains will fall under this category as they can somehow be cleaned using special stain removal treatment. We charge, whatever is the repair or cleaning cost + our overhead expenses which we incur on getting it repaired like transportation, time, manpower etc.

2. Irreparable Damage :

It’s damage to the product which can't be repaired at all. Example - major visible tears or holes or burns on the Jackets, Backpacks, Shoes, luggage bags etc.

“Damage Charges = Value of the Product minus (-) Rent paid by the customer for that product”

There can be 2 cases here.

(A.) Deposit is enough to recover the Damage Charges - After paying for the damage charges, you can own the product yourself. We can courier it to you (delivery charges to be borne by the customer) or you can pick-up yourself from our warehouse. In some cases, the product is functional and is good for personal use.

(B.) Deposit is NOT enough to recover the Damage Charges - In this case, we will ask you to pay us the difference amount, which is not recoverable through your deposit. After paying us the difference, you can own the product yourself. We can courier it to you (delivery charges to be borne by the customer) or you can pick-up yourself from our warehouse.

3. Damage covered in Warranty/Guarantee :

This is only in the case hard side luggage bags, where we try to get the product replaced with the brand. In most cases, the damages can be repaired or the product is replaced.

4. Complete loss or theft of the product :

In cases, where you have misplaced the product or the product has been lost in transit, it will be considered as irreparable damage and the same terms will apply as in the case of an Irreparable Damage.

In any of the above cases, it can take up to 1 to 3 weeks to resolve the matter. We appreciate your patience. You will be updated on the progress and you can also get in touch with our customer care anytime on all business days.