Our services are available in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR, Hyderabad & Chennai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I rent?

Whether you are a first-time trekker or a regular one, buying all the trekking gear can be very expensive and cost you around Rs 15,000. Not to mention, about the cost & hassle of cleaning & maintenance. With our rentals its simple just Rent -> Travel -> Return. Rental for the complete rental package starts from Rs 2,299 (which is just 15% of the total cost.)

What all your Trekking Gear/Equipment is available to rent?

We have all the Trekking equipment, you will need for your trek. Trekking shoes, backpacks, sunglasses, gaiters, gloves etc. For the full list of products visit our website www.SharePal.in or get it on WhatsApp by clicking here

P.S. Only personal wearables like thermals are not available for rent because of hygiene issues.

What is the Rental Package?

A rental package is a combination of several gears. This has been created with a view to simplifying the order process. What’s more rental packages are further discounted up to 10% when compared to renting products individually. We have curated 3 types of packages. Pick the one suitable for you

How are rentals calculated?

You only pay for your travel dates. No. of Days = Travel End Date - Travel Start Date. You pay for the exact number of travel days only with the subject to a minimum of 5 days. If this is less than 5 days, you can rent by paying the minimum rental of 5 days.

What is the booking process?

The booking process is very simple and takes less than 2 minutes. All you have to do is click on one of the booking links below as per your need i.e. you want to book one of our rental packages or rent products individually order. Fill the form & submit, within 12 hours you will get a booking confirmation email along with the payment link to do your advance payment. Pay a 10% advance payment to confirm your booking. The remaining amount can be paid at the time of delivery.

What is Try@Home Service?

Try @Home service is our endeavour to ensure a delightful renting experience. We know trekkers are worried about the quality of the products and the size & fit of Trekking Shoes & Jackets. To address that we provide a Try @Home service where you can book a slot and our product expert will visit your place with all the required gears for you to try at the comfort of your home. You can request for trial at the time of filling the online booking form.

I want to rent, but you are not in my city?

Don’t worry you can still rent, if you are transiting via Delhi. All you need is a few hours in Delhi within which we will arrange the delivery & pick-up of gears. You can choose a delivery & pick-up location as per your convenience. This service is called Delhi Outstation service and is available 24x7 across Railway Station & Airport.

Will you provide delivery & pick-up?

Yes, we do provide Home Delivery & Pick-up across 5 cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Pune. If you are an outstation customer and picking up & returning gears in Delhi, delivery / pick up will be arranged at the railway station, airport or bus terminal as per your convenience.

When will you deliver & when will you pick-up?

For customers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, delivery will be scheduled at least 1 day prior to your travel start date. Similarly, pick-up will be arranged 1 day after your return date. For outstation customers delivery is equal to your travel start date from Delhi & pick update is equal to your Return Date to Delhi.

I am not sure what all Trekking gear I need for my trek, will you guys help?

Of course, we are here to help. We are just a call or message away.

Call or WhatsApp - +91 7045000355 / +91 97736 10355

By when do I need to confirm my order?

All bookings are on first cum first serve basis. So if your trek dates are finalised we recommend you to make the rental booking at the earliest to avoid disappointment.

Can I order products individually & not as a package?

Yes of course apart from accessories like sunglasses, head torch etc, you can order products individually. You can rent Trek accessories either in the package or rent with main products like Trekking shoes, Jackets, Backpacks etc.

Is there a minimum rental?

Yes, there is a minimum rental period of 5 days. This is to cover our basic operational costs of cleaning, maintenance & delivery etc which is the same irrespective of the number of days you rent for. Anyways most Himalayan trips from any city in India will take a minimum of 4 to 5 days.

Is there any security deposit?

Yes, there is some refundable deposit attached to every product. For instance, if you rent a 50L backpack, you pay a refundable deposit of Rs 600. This amount is refunded back to your bank account within 2 days after the return of the product.

How will you refund my Security Deposit?

Upon pick-up of the gear, you will receive an acknowledgement email from our side, notifying you about the pick-up and if at all there is any damage. Also, a link is shared on this email where you are supposed to update your bank account details. You can opt for UPI / NEFT and provide us with the details. Refund is processed within 48 to 72 hours.

What is your damage policy?

We know usage will cause some wear & tear to the products. So we do not consider normal wear & tear as damage. But damages like visible cuts, burns, holes, broken hooks, broken zips etc are considered as damage. You can read our damage policy in detail here